taxize v0.6.2 is on CRAN

Now on CRAN - binaries available soon


  • rankagg() doesn’t depend on data.table anymore (fixes issue with CRAN checks)
  • Replaced RCurl::base64Decode() with openssl::base64_decode(), needed for
    ubio_*() functions (#447)
  • Importing only functions (via importFrom) used across all imports now (#446).
    In addition, importFrom for all non-base R pkgs, including graphics, methods,
    stats and utils packages (#441)
  • Fixes to prevent problems with httr v1, where you can’t pass a zero length
    list to the query parameter in GET(), but can pass NULL (#445)
  • Fixes to all of the gni_*() functions, including code tidying, some
    DRYing out, and ability to pass in curl options (#444)


  • Fixed typo in taxize_cite()
  • Fixed a bug in classification() where numeric IDs as input got
    converted to itis ids just because they were numeric. Fixed now. (#434)
  • Catalogue of Life (COL) changed from using short numeric codes for taxa to
    long alphanumeric UUID type ids. This required fixing functions using COL
    web services (#435)

Release notes:

Stuff I forgot to get in the NEWS for this release:

  • scrapenames() was fixed, before only worked for some types of inputs (e.g., didn’t work for local file inputs) - see the gist for example usage
  • tnrs() was about to be dropped because the web service behind it was super flaky, but a number of people recently have contacted me with questions about the fxn, so meh, kept it in