Rgbif v0.8.4 now on CRAN


  • New functions for the /enumerations GBIF API route: enumeration()
    and enumeration_country(). Many parts of the GBIF API make use of
    enumerations, i.e. controlled vocabularies for specific topics - and are
    available via these functions. (#152)


  • elevation() now requires an API key (#148)
  • The V8 package an Import now, used to do WKT read/create with use of
    the Javascript library Terraformer (http://terraformer.io/). Replaces
    packages sp and rgeos, which are no longer imported (#155)
  • Changed occ_search() parameter spatialIssues to
    hasGeospatialIssues (#151)
  • Added note to docs about difference between /search and /count
    services, and how they work. (#150)
  • Added tests for habitat parameter in name_lookup() (#149)
  • Dropped plyr from Imports (#159)
  • Dropped stringr from Imports (#160)
  • Dropped maps and grid packages from Imports (#161)


  • Looping over records with limit and start parameters was in some
    cases resulting in duplicate records returned. Problem fixed. (#157)