rgbif: seven years of GBIF in R

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Author: Scott Chamberlain

rgbif was seven years old yesterday!

What is rgbif?

rgbif gives you access to data from the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) via their API.

A samping of use cases covered in rgbif:

  • Search for datasets
  • Get metrics on usage of datasets
  • Get metadata about organizations providing data to GBIF
  • Search taxonomic names
  • Get quick taxonomic name suggestions
  • Search occurrences by taxonomic name/country/collector/etc.
  • Download occurrences by taxonomic name/country/collector/etc.
  • Fetch raster maps to quickly visualize large scale biodiversity

Read the full post: https://ropensci.org/technotes/2018/08/22/rgbif-seven-years/