geojsonio v0.1.4 on CRAN

the v0.1.4 tag:

The source is on CRAN’s main mirror CRAN - Package geojsonio - binaries up soon


  • New function map_leaf() uses the leaflet package to make maps, with
    S3 methods for most spatial classes as well as most R classes, including
    data.frame’s, lists, vectors, file inputs, and more (#48)
  • geojson_read() now optionally can give back a spatial class object,
    just a convenience in case you want to not get back geojson, but a
    spatial class (#60)


  • Now that leaflet R package is on CRAN, put back in examples using
    it to make maps (#49)
  • Added a linter for list inputs comined with geometry="polygon" to
    all geojson_*() functions that have .list methods. This checks to
    make sure inputs have the same first and last coordinate pairs to
    close the polygon (#34)


  • Importing all non-base R funtions, including from methods, stats and utils
    packages (#62)
  • Fixed bug in geojson_write() in which geojson style names were altered
    on accident (#56)