New features on this forum

We’ve added two Discourse plugins recently for this site: Tags and Polls.


When you create a new post you will see at the bottom left, above the Create Topic button, a box for selecting tags. Those of you that have been around this site longer will be able to create tags as well as use them. Everyone can use tags. We’ll still use Categories (the drop down at the top when you create a new post) - so don’t create/use tags that are the same name as any Category. You can only use one Category per post - but you can use multiple Tags per post.

Once there are tags in use, you should be able to see all tags at this page


You can use polls in your posts. If you want to ask a question and get some feedback, this is a great way to do it. It super easy to make a poll. Just put the below tags [poll]...[/poll] in your post with the content of the poll between those tags.

- Option A
- Option B
- Option C

See and for help on how to use polls.

  • Cool, thanks for setting this up, Scott
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There are some tags now you can see at

And you can easily filter by tags by clicking on them wherever you see them