Is there a R package to the MODAPS API?

I’d like to know if there is already a package for downloading data (MOD04/MYD04) from It is not included in the MODISTools package, and not in the rts package either. For now my colleague who uses the data downloads it from but now I wonder if there already is a R package for the API that I don’t know of?

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Not that I know of. What are uses for this kind of data?

AOD (atmospheric optical depth) data can help estimate PM2.5 air concentrations, as it was done in this paper

Too bad there is no package currently (or it is well hidden on the internet!). I’d have to look more closely at the API to know how difficult it would be to write one. :slight_smile:

I see some stuff on Github in Python✓& - but not in R✓&

The quick start guide here has example code in PHP, Perl and Python, which might be why there already is Python code on Github?

It’s possible that my colleague will stop using the data / keep downloading it through click since he now has a file with the parameters (which apparently makes the search / ftp thing easier) but I might have a look again (like you I don’t know how much used these data are). Thanks for answering!

It does seem worth a package though even if the data isn’t used super a lot. Since you’ve made so many, its probably easy now :slight_smile:

Ahahah :wink: I’ll take it on my to do list then!

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The package will live here

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