weather data -> is Iowa Environmental Mesonet data already included in a package?

I’ve just found this website IEM :: Download ASOS/AWOS/METAR Data One can get historical METAR for the whole world, as far as I’ve understood. There used to be a rmetar package for translation of METAR to human readable weather data.

I wonder whether these METAR data are already accessible through NOAA for instance, or would it be an useful addition to make a package for accessing it?

On NOAA website I could only find the current reports, e.g.

This package e.g. includes weather data from Iowa Environmental Mesonet.

Besides, the Mesonet website seems to provide other data than METAR. IEM :: JSON(P) Web Services

I’ve tried to find corresponding r packages on Google but I might have missed something!

Right, I kinda remember an R client for metar

That data is not included in rnoaa - couldn’t find it in issues

I stumbled across - might be some helpful bits in there, thought not sure where source code is.

Thanks for the answer and the link! The historical data is not in NOAA either, the link in the Python thing is broken but they seemed to only parse the latest metar for each location whereas mesonet provides historical data.

I think rmetar only translated metar but I’ll look again to see whether it downloaded such reports.

Now the question is maybe, would having a pkg for fetching and parsing metar be useful? I’m interested in the hyderabad one, that’s all i know. :slight_smile:

I think so

Not sure I follow. Wouldn’t all metar data files be the same format?

They are all in the same format, I just wanted to say I only knew about the usefulness/interest of one of them :slight_smile:

Here is the old R package It uses C code and was removed from CRAN “as basic C error stopping installation on OS X was not corrected within 6 weeks.”. RMETAR only accessed the current metar from NOAA:

It’s nice that it’s called RMETAR therefore “rmetar” is still available.

The decoding part of RMETAR used C code, see It connects to mdsplib (METAR Decoder Software Package Library -

The licence is “License: LGPL-2.1”

I wonder whether one needs C code for decoding metar (surely there must be other decoders?), and if one does, I don’t know how to use C code. Then, if I did, I wondered how one can re-use code from an old package?

Another possibility is that somewhere there’s an archive of all decoded METAR. Now I know there are all METAR on the mesonet website but maybe the decoded version is somewhere else.

wunderground gives access to METAR apparently (R pkg but the free API key provides only 500 calls/day, 10/minute.

(last update before it starts looking as a discussion with myself, hehe)

contact person for Iowa Mesonet = /

Oooh the METAR from mesonet are already translated! :grinning:

Perhaps not, not sure what the files look like - Maybe it’s worth trying with only R code so it’s simpler.

That seems kinda low

Does mesonot allow access to their data? via ftp maybe?

I think they do, e.g. gets you data. Plus the webpage states “Here is a python script example that automates the download of data from this interface.” so they must be ok with it, what do you think?

And there’s the webpage with the JSON services they have but it does not include metar.

I can also send a tweet/email to the contact person.

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Actually the whole Iowa Mesonet website seems to be quite a data goldmine.

Great, saw the tweet, looks good to go

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Just in case, for reference

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