Introducing Open Forensic Science in R

Author: Sam Tyner

"The free online book Open Forensic Science in R was created to foster open science practices in the forensic science community. It is comprised of eight chapters: an introduction and seven chapters covering different areas of forensic science: the validation of DNA interpretation systems, firearms analysis of bullets and casings, latent fingerprints, shoe outsole impressions, trace glass evidence, and decision-making in forensic identification tasks. The chapters of Open Forensic Science in R have the same five sections: Introduction, Data, R Package(s), Drawing Conclusions, and Case Study. There is R code throughout the chapter to guide the reader along in an analysis, and the case study walks the reader through solving a forensic science problem in R, from reading the data to answering a specific question such as, “Were these two bullets fired by the same gun?” "

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This work was funded by a 2018 rOpenSci Research Fellowship to Sam Tyner.

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