Getting your toes wet in R: Hydrology, meteorology, and more

Authors: Sam Albers, Ilaria Prosdocimi, Sam Zipper

“Given that liquid water is essential to life on Earth, water research cuts across numerous disciplines including hydrology, meteorology, geography, climate science, engineering, ecology, and more. Numerous R packages have emerged from this diversity of approaches, and we recently gathered many of them into a new rOpenSci task view.”

The authors “…evaluate the state of hydrology in R by visualizing network connectivity among package dependencies …[and] … hope to contribute to a nascent community of hydrological R users and develop an infrastructure of packages that provide a comprehensive toolkit for water practitioners who use R as their preferred computational analysis tool.”

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This is brilliant! I will certainly be diving into this.


Curious @kevinm. What sort of application do you have for hydrology- related tools?

If people are interested in contributing a hydrology package, I have a fairly extensive list of hydrology data sources with notes on whether they have an associated package (contributions welcome)


My focus is water microbiology research and I have been learning R on the fly as I assemble/join/validate datasets related to our aims. To this means, I’m looking to find and extract data from open sources. Hence my interest in this compilation of R packages related to hydrology.


A really nice and comprehensive list of hydrology resources in R - my hats off to you! I’ll be digging into this.


@jsta this is incredible. Would you be amenable to include a link to this in the taskview? I wonder if it might be productive to solicit contributions (or a call to develop packages around some of these data source) in the task view as well?

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Contributions welcome!