Tackling the Research Compendium at runconf17

Authors: Noam Ross Alice Daish Laura DeCicco Molly Lewis Nistara Randhawa Jennifer Thompson Nick Tierney

Two years ago at #runconf15, there was a great discussion about best practices for organizing R-based analysis projects that yielded a nice guidance document describing research compendia. Compendia, as we described them, were minimal products of reproducible research, using parts of R package structure to organize the inputs, analyses, and outputs of research projects.

Since then, we’ve seen more examples and models of research compendia emerge (the organization of such projects is [something of an obsession] for some of the community). In parallel, there’s been much progress on a number of fronts with R packages: rOpenSci’s package review process has expanded and we’ve worked out many kinks. Infrastructure for automated testing of package code has been developed and field tested. So at #runconf17 (http://unconf17.ropensci.org), we wanted to see how much of this progress in review, testing, and automation could apply to research compendia.

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