icon: web icons for rmarkdown

Author: Mitchell O’Hara-Wild

The icon package provides a convenient interface for adding icons from popular web fonts to R Markdown documents. The project began at rOpenSci OzUnconf 2017, and was developed by Mitchell O’Hara-Wild, Earo Wang and Timothy Hyndman. The package currently supports icons from Font Awesome, Academicons, and ionicons.

The long-awaited R Project icon has been added to the Font Awesome library in version 5.0.11…Finally, it is possible to use an R package to include the R icon in your R Markdown documents!

Read the full Tech Note here: https://ropensci.org/technotes/2018/05/15/icon/

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I have been unable to render PDFs with beamer using RStudio and the icon package. The icons render in the html versions. What am I missing? The vignette presentation says, the icons should render in PDFs as well.

I’ve pinged the icon package author to answer your question. Cheers

Icons using PDF are only supported for fontawesome via the fontawesome CTAN package. Is the knit output displaying any issues?


No. It runs fine but shows no icons in the Beamer PDF

Try knitting the document with the ‘keep_tex’ option set to true. Then have a look through the generated .tex file for any \fa* tags. If the tags exist in the right place, then the icon package is doing what it is supposed to and there is an issue with fontawesome in beamer slides. If the tags don’t exist, or are in the wrong place, that’s an issue with the icon package.