Can you point me to really well written R/Python package documentation?

Can anyone point to really well written (R/Python) documentation that it could almost be a software paper in the current state. Links to vignettes (or similar) would be super helpful. A long form vignette that goes beyond simple description of package functions but also covers a few use cases and scientific applications is what I am looking for.


David Winter wrote some great vignettes for the rotl package that show how to use the package to answer real scientific questions:

The vegan vignettes are really good.

My package ddpcr has a README and two vignettes (1, 2) that are going to be copy-pasted into my thesis, might be what you’re looking for

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We based our codyn paper submission directly off of our vignettes. Might be
of interest to you.


link to the paper matt?

Perfect, thanks Dean! Exactly what I was aiming for.

@sckott here:

Thanks @francois_michonneau!

I’m late to the party, but I think the MARSS (for R) vignettes are pretty good. The User’s Guide has some background info plus lots of applications.

@karthik I’m also a bit late to this, but I think DiagrammeR has very well written software documentation: