Best way to show package contributions on LinkedIn profile

Any advice for how to best include experience working on an rOpenSci package on a LinkedIn profile? I’m a contributor to webchem , and for a time had funding from R Consortium for the work. I already have the R Consortium grant in my Honors and Awards section, but I’d ideally like to highlight this experience as work experience. I never worked for rOpenSci though, so I don’t really know where to put it. Would it make sense to put it under volunteer experience?



I hope someone will be provide a better reply than mine but I think LinkedIn is not great to display easily coding skills (see it is even hard to show your github repo).

I will go with a pinned post and share it on specific users groups. I will also add it in work experience (even if you were not in contract with rOpenscience, I think it count as working, you can specify in “descrciption”).

Good luck !

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