B2FIND / EUDAT -> worth a package?

I have just discovered this website https://eudat.eu/services/b2find B2FIND is a " discovery service based on metadata steadily harvested from research data collections from EUDAT data centres and other repositories."

They have an API https://eudat.eu/services/userdoc/b2find-usage#Application_Programming_Interface which currently has a Python script (https://github.com/EUDAT-B2FIND/md-ingestion/blob/master/searchB2FIND.py ) but no R interface as far as I know.

It only provides access to metadata about datasets, since the source link of the data can be a link to any repository and therefore it would not be possible to download the data automatically. That said, one of the repos is GBIF http://b2find.eudat.eu/group

Does B2FIND seem to be an interesting resource? I’m not sure yet it’s worth a R package since one could not download the data using it.

Good find @maelle

Looks like it uses CKAN behind the scenes. https://eudat.eu/services/userdoc/b2find-usage#Application_Programming_Interface

We should be able to use ckanr and just change out the base url. Haven’t tried it yet to make sure it works, but it should.

You could in theory make a package just for b2find building on ckanr - not sure if that’s justified. Could add examples of using b2find in ckanr docs

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Thanks, I’ll have a look at ckanr and report once I’ve done it!