Any suggestions for resources for new users on 'Getting help'?

Any suggestions for resources for new users on ‘Getting help’, e.g. writing a good stackoverflow question?

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rOpenSci is hosting a Community Call Tues March 7, 2017, 8-9 AM PST that will cover this topic! I’ll post details here when available.

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I like as a general resource.

When asking for debugging help, it’s really courteous to be able to articulate:
(1) what the code was supposed to do
(2) what the code did instead
(3) what was already tried and if the problem has been further narrowed to specific lines
[though I think those are the standard requirements for stackoverflow questions, anyway]

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Community Call Tuesday, March 7th: How to ask questions so they get answered! Possibly by yourself!
with @jennybc, James (JD) Long and @sckott

Can I ask a question? I am trying to learn R so I am working in this book I bought called R for Data Science. I didn’t get very far because it says to install the tidyverse package in RStudio so when I try to install it I get this error:…oops. I just tried to reproduce the error and it didn’t happen this time. I’m sorry about that. I’m sure I’ll have more errors soon.

Thanks very much,

Hi Barbara,
Good to see your question answered itself :wink:
fyi, there is an RStudio discussion forum here: that might be helpful for you.


HI Stefanie,

Thanks so much for the info. I need all the help I can get!


Jenny Bryan just published her video on the reprex package:

It is extremely beginner friendly.



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Since this older thread is getting revived, here’s a post of mine about where to get R help (including a mention of this very forum hehe).

The resources of the comm call mentioned earlier can be found via