Academic CV using {vitae}, {scholar} to pull papers, and {tic} for building on Travis.

Package or resource used*

{vitae} and {tic} - both rOpenSci Labs (and excellent).

URL or code snippet for your use case*

Code: GitHub - seabbs/cv: Sam Abbott's Curriculum Vitae





Field(s) of application

Anything requiring a CV with publications.

What did you do?

Academic CV built using R - updated automatically from Google Scholar each week. See here for the full rendered CV. All other data stored as .csv’s so can be updated on GitHub without touching the code or main document.


{tic} could potentially do with some more documentation as I found it to require some trial and error to get working. Also appears not to work from Rstudio server in Docker although this isn’t a major issue and is understandable given port issues etc.

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Thanks for sharing your use case for these packages.
Note that vitae has recently moved to Mitchell O’Hara Wild’s personal account, since it has matured, is now on CRAN, and is out of scope for rOpenSci

It would likely help the tic developers if you opened an issue to briefly describe the area(s) where you think documentation could be improved by noting some of the problems you ran into.

Oh whoops!

Should there be something somewhere to make clear what the relationship is for these packages (maybe it is clear and I missed something/many things)? Sort of assumed it was still in scope as the docs are hosted at ropensci (with branding) and the dev install instructions all point back to ropenscilabs.

I guess I will open an issue there :slight_smile:

Will open a {tic} issue thanks :+1:

No worries @seabbs. This change is really really recent and still in transition.