Windows XP users - help


We have a user reporting trouble with geojsonio

Boils down to not being able to get V8 installed. If you are running Windows XP or have access to one, can you try installing geojsonio and/or V8

If you’ve successfully installed V8 on Windows XP, how did you do it?

Thanks! :smiley:


Kudos for supporting XP… but perhaps as a public service you could suggest that anyone using XP for cost reasons might upgrade to Linux OS. If doing it for compatibility … There is PCLinuxOS [1]

In any case, Microsoft has your back - they support developers who support XP even if they don’t support XP. You can download XP virtual machines from Microsoft [2] and there is XP Mode for windows 7 [3].



@dlebauer Nice, thanks for the links. I was hoping to test on XP but didn’t know how to get access to a download.

That is a good suggestion to move to Linux - there is a learning curve though I suppose that I can’t assume everyone wants to deal with :smile:


Tried for a bit, too hard, maybe i’ll try again some other day. :kicking can down the road:


How many XP users are still out there. I know we (US EPA) were among the last hold outs. Machines across the agency are getting replaced so that won’t be the case for too much longer.

Given the difficulties I wonder if it is worth it?


There is a possible solution, but I haven’t tested it myself yet

Can you test @jhollist


Maybe. I’ve been “refreshed.” Meaning I have new hardware with Win 7 on it but looks like I could try the “XP” mode. Not sure when I’d have time to give it a try. I’ll let you know if I can do it in the next week or so.


Okay, thanks jeff! No rush. I haven’t found time either, so there’s that.