rOpenSci | Installing V8 is now even easier

Google’s amazing V8 JavaScript/WASM engine is probably one of the most sophisticated open-source software libraries available today. It is used to power the computation in Google Chrome, NodeJS, and also CloudFlare Workers, which make it possible to run code for your website inside the CDN edges.

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Thanks again for adding this option. I’m very glad that rstan can use V8 rather than having to make everyone (and CRAN) install OCaml libraries and headers.

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Awesome news! Does your toolchain have the ability to build V8 for arm64 aka aarch64? libv8-dev doesn’t seem to be in the repos for Ubuntu Bionic on that architecture.

@znmeb I’m using these containers to build V8: GitHub - jeroen/build-v8-static: Building libv8 in Docker

Thanks! I think I can get it to cross-compile on an x86_64 system. I tried native on my NVIDIA Jetson (arm64 plus some GPU cores) but depot_tools has some x86_64 executables and they crash the build in the gen step.

I think it should be possible. Have a look at Jan’s script: v8-static/ at d2e0cdbc3b872acb44138c17687badb619275e26 · JanMarvin/v8-static · GitHub