Using a targets pipeline to query data from the Water Quality Portal

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We developed a reproducible pipeline to query data from the Water Quality Portal (WQP) based upon a user-specified area of interest. This template provides a framework for others to inventory, query, and then clean data from WQP.

Querying and cleaning data from the WQP based on an area of interest is a common data access pattern across many projects from USGS, so we developed a template repository that other users could fork and integrate into their project-specific workflows. The blog post goes into further detail about the “ins and outs” of this access pattern - focusing on the first two phases of the pipeline (01_inventory and 02_download) because these phases tend to be consistent across projects. In the GitHub repo we also include a few example cleaning functions that users can review and use to guide their own data cleaning methodologies.

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Blog: Large Data Pulls from Water Quality Portal - A Pipeline-Based Approach

GitHub Repo: Link

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water quality, hydrology, ecology

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