Url must be a character vector


If you are getting this kind of error using your packages (or others)

Error in curl::curl_escape(names(url$query)) : 
  `url` must be a character vector.

This is caused by changes in httr v1 that is now on CRAN - it now doesn’t accept an empty list list() passed to the query parameter (which we sometimes used as a default if no arguments passed by a user), and throws an error. This is a super easy fix - we’ll get new versions on CRAN as soon as we can.

E.g. related issue: https://github.com/ropensci/elastic/issues/77#issue-91832184


This is happening all over erdapp package too.


rerddap is now all fixed up - sending to CRAN soon. Can install latest from GitHub for fixes for this https://github.com/ropensci/rerddap


Run down

  • rplos - update now on CRAN
  • rsunlight - update now on CRAN
  • rnoaa - update now on CRAN
  • rgbif - update now on CRAN
  • elastic - update now on CRAN
  • gistr - update now on CRAN
  • musemeta is now fixed for httr bugs as well https://github.com/ropensci/musemeta - this pkg not on CRAN yet
  • spocc - update now on CRAN

Tutorials are now updated for these packages - see http://ropensci.org/tutorials