UCSCXenaTools: Retrieve Gene Expression and Clinical Information from UCSC Xena for Survival Analysis

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Author: @ShixiangWang

"The UCSC Xena platform provides an unprecedented resource for public omics data from big projects like The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA), however, it is hard for users to incorporate multiple datasets or data types, integrate the selected data with popular analysis tools or homebrewed code, and reproduce analysis procedures. To address this issue, we developed an R package UCSCXenaTools for enabling data retrieval, analysis integration and reproducible research for omics data from the UCSC Xena platform.

In this technote we will outline how to use the UCSCXenaTools package to pull gene expression and clinical data from UCSC Xena for survival analysis."

Read the full Tech Note: https://ropensci.org/technotes/2019/09/06/ucscxenatools-surv/

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@stefanie Thank you for editing this technote and improving English!:smile:

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