Task Views on GitHub - consistent topics

ROpenSci maintains several task views using GitHub. GitHub topics are useful to “tag” repositories. The currently used tag task-view however is not very clear. I already encouraged others to use it, but wanted to ask here if you’d be open to go for another term that is more explicit, e.g.

cran-ctv, cran-task-view, or r-task-view (since not all repos are “on” CRAN)

See also https://github.com/benmarwick/ctv-archaeology/issues/15 and https://github.com/eddelbuettel/ctv-hpc/issues/13

Good question/comment.

I’m not sure that I’d support replacing task-view with ctv-task-view or cran-task-view since not all our task views are on CRAN - and some may never go there (due to not being accepted or other reasons).

I’d be more willing to support r-task-view so that it encompasses both on and off CRAN

I’m finde with r-task-view (you may still use cran-task-view if you’re on cran…).

I just found out that with the extended search syntax you can actually combine multiple topics, e.g. https://github.com/search?utf8=✓&q=topic%3Atask-view+topic%3Acran&type=

I would still prefer r-task-view because it works with the simple URL https://github.com/topics/r-task-view.

I’ve contacted some people before I had the idea to ask here, since the question is still recent I see no problem in asking them again, just keeping a list here:

If we do this, it would be great to announce this somehow, maybe via the ROpenSci Twitter account?

Glad you also like r-task-view

@thosjleeper @ashander Are you okay with the switch to r-task-view ?

Bump @thosjleeper @ashander @sckott

Would be cool to close this discussion.