stats19: a package for road safety research

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Authors: Layik Hama, Robin Lovelace

stats19 is a new R package enabling access to and working with Great Britain’s official road traffic casualty database, STATS19. The blog post outlines the motivation for the package, the nature of the source data, and walks through examples combining stats19 accidents, vehicles and casualties tables data with geo-referencing.

Read the full post here:


Thanks both! I have those epic zip files in my “data yet to play with” folder. Between this and the OSM grabbing package I might be able to compare stretches of road that qualified for a speed camera and did/did not get one.


Great to hear you’ve downloaded them. Even more useful, I suggest, would be downloading and cleaning them with the function get_stats19().

Great idea to explore crash rates on roads with/without cameras. I suggest a before/after study would be more useful though, because levels of traffic (billion km is a common denominator in road safety research) vary grately from road to road.


There’s already plenty of before/after, and lots of commentary of “what if it’s regression to the mean?”.

Though I might first look at cycling safety in Leeds as far as Pudsey. It may help my parents to worry less!


@mpadge Look! Cycling! :point_up_2:


I communicated unclearly - I haven’t gotten around to using this data yet because it needed cleaning. This package does good work in making it easy to download, and clean. I’m diving right into the exploratory stats stage, rather than the cleaning stage.