How we can obtain road trafic density map values


How can I obtain road trafic density map values ?
We are working on air polution in cities. Trafic is a major source of pollution. Trafic jams are causing more pollution.
We are trying to find ways to get road traffic density (using R or python) from public sources such as Google Map, Bing Map, Yandex Map, etc…
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Can you give more details? What exactly are “road traffic density map values”?


for example,28.9614013,13.74z/data=!5m1!1e1
show real-time traffic. We want to read level of road traffic online. We want to use it for calculation of road emiission.


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anyone @mpadge @andy_teucher @AndySouth know if this kind of data is publicly available?


mostly not available, alas, because these kinda data have rather high commercial value. There a fine overview of some workable options via this StackOverflow Q. @robinlovelace is likely to know more.


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There are other web pages about road traffic


I’m afraid I’m of no help on this one!