rtweet update 1.0.2

problems occurred when using the latest rtweet update - in particular the ‘tweet_threading()’ function.
Errors are received even when the perceived corrections have been implementsed.

# https://twitter.com/BadWolfArchives/status/1553109102259208195  # from twitter feed - 'copy-link' option
twst5 <-  tweet_threading("1553109102259208195")
usr_twst5 <- lookup_users(twst5$in_reply_to_user_id_str[2])

Warning messages:
1: In overlay(…) :
reverting ‘unnamed.chunk.label’ to ‘unnamed-chunk’ for duration of render
2: In overlay(…) :
reverting ‘unnamed.chunk.label’ to ‘unnamed-chunk’ for duration of render

I am using the latest version of RStudio (2022.07.1 Build 554 vs 4.2.0)
I very rarely use Markdown (I run everything from Notebooks) and only use Knitr when using some code commands.
Please help.

Hi Bretsy,

The message you mention are warnings not errors, so I think that rtweet is working correctly here.
These warnings come from markdown not rtweet (for instance there isn’t an overlay function in rtweet).
Without knowing the full file it will be very difficult to find out the meaning of this warning.
As they are warnings they do not prevent you of using R or the knitting the document.

thank you for the reply, what didn’t appear in my post was the chunk headings;

```{r, tweetrmd-30, warning=FALSE, message=FALSE, error=FALSE}

As i mentioned, I do not use Markdown or (rarely) Knitr and this problem only appeared when I updated rtweet.

regards, M

Thanks for the additional information, I see now that the chunk is named, check the other unnamed chunks to see if there might be a problem in any of them.
As mentioned this warning is not related to rtweet but to rmarkdown (which is slightly different from markdown).

Thanks for that, I restarted RStudio after purging all but 3 files from the working tab. I have run one file in particular a number of times now with no problems,
I will keep you posted on further developments - I did delete a number of test YAML projects from the folder and that stopped another stream of error messages on startup.
I do wonder if by using the ‘namer’ package has upset things, I will do a test later.
Thanks once again, M

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