Request for R Journals Reviewers

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Dear All,

I’m a new editor for the R-Journal. One of my main jobs is to find willing, and qualified volunteers to review articles. This is very hard, as the R Journal encompasses a few different disciplines.

While I have my own pool of contacts, this is limited in a bunch of (obvious) ways. Therefore, if you would like to volunteer as a reviewer, can I encourage you to complete this form Referee form

A few points:

  • Your email address will be shared with other R editors and a few other people associated with the R Journal
  • I would expect you to get asked only once per year
  • You can always say no to a review request
  • You are not signing up to any mailing list.
  • By default, your review is anonymous from the author.
  • If possible, please use an official email address.




I checked out the form out of interest since we’re working on updating our own volunteering form (right now I couldn’t review a package) – I could share the link to our draft form privately if you’re interested. Using the CRAN Task Views is a neat idea.

I noticed a typo (“you full name”) and have two comments regarding the Twitter username: what do you expect to do with it, and wouldn’t it be easier to just enter the username vs the entire profile URL? (well I suppose if it were just the username you wouldn’t be able to check it exists).

In any case good luck recruiting reviewers. :rocket:

  • Can’t believe I missed the typo - multiple times!
  • Twitter: yup, we can check a URL
  • I would love to see your draft :wink:

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