Real-time GTFS data feed

Hey everyone,

Just wondering if anyone knows if the “gtfsr” package is capable of handling live data feeds. I’m trying doing some data analysis for the NYC’s subway and would love to utilize the realtime data feeds from the MTA.

Thanks for your question. I’ll see if I can get maintainers of that package here …

Hey @minhnhat992!

At the moment, the package can only do static/standard gtfs data and has no infrastructure to handle the extended gtfs-rt feeds. That said, this is a great idea that I (embarrassingly) did not even think about doing.

I will look into extending gtfsr to incorporate live data. In the meantime, please feel free to branch and help tinker on the package! It would also help if you added a new ‘issue’ to the repo so I can remember to start poking into extending the package.

It lives here:

Thanks for the idea and I’m pretty sure we can make this happen!