Query for Fishbase


I would like to use the “Fishbase-API” in my DiveApp.

I am a student from Austria and I am currently working on a project (a diving app).
In this I would also like to offer the possibility to enter seen fish and underwater creatures.

To implement this I want to integrate the Fishbase.
Can someone help me how to create a correct query to search for certain “common names” (comnames) and get a list of results?

Thanks a lot!

here is the README for the API…

But I’m not able to do it :confused:

Apologies, but the tool described in Getting Started is deprecated.

Programmatic access to FishBase is still available through the rfishbase package. A REST API is not available at this time. (aside: please note that all FishBase data is provided under a CC-BY-NC license, Creative Commons — Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International — CC BY-NC 4.0)

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Thank you very much!


I would like to use the data to integrate it into a diving app I am working on for a study project.

In the log entries you should be able to choose which fish or marine life you have seen.
This feature would be free and available for everyone.

My understanding is that this would be compatible with the license, since I don’t earn any money with the integration.
Do I see this correctly?

Thanks again for the information.
I guess I’ll have to look at how I integrate this package into Swift.

Of course I would also add the appropriate attribution :slight_smile:

But looking at it, I’m afraid it won’t work as I don’t have a plan on how I would integrate that into Swift. :see_no_evil: