Public Solr web services

I just gave a talk on the in development R client for Apache Solr ->

Someone asked about a list of public Solr instances, and I did have a start of a list on one slide, so I thought I’d share that list here, and add any others that I could find.

These are R clients that we make that are based entirely on, or partly on, Solr backend:

If you’re looking for these specific resources, or just a Solr web service to play with, the ones above are nice. The PLOS API is my favorite sorta b/c I know it the best, but all are good.

If you know of others, drop em in.

How easy is it for someone to set up and host their own solr instance?

I haven’t done it myself on a server. use it a lot on localhost on my machine though.

DO has a nice post on this using most recent Solr version and Ubuntu 14

Of course there is security to think about too if it’s public…

Taka, the meetup organizer for the Sfbay talk I did, shared this link via email regarding deployment

more resources on deploying

For production deployments, the Solr Reference Guide has a section on taking Solr to production:

Lucidworks’ Martijn Koster maintains Solr docker images: