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Trafford Council’s Trafford Data Lab are publishing #rstats recipes for local government colleagues. The aim of the project is to embed an analytical workflow across UK local government that encourages openness, reproducibility and collaboration by promoting the use of R. We’ve used and plan to use a number of rOpenSci packages in the recipes including ropenaq and fingertipsR. These particular packages provide an intuitive way of retrieving open data within R without the need to familiarise yourself with often complex APIs.

We actively encourage other UK local government employees to submit their own R recipes for routine analytical tasks. A recipe template is available to download from here. When you’ve completed your recipe just send us a pull request on GitHub.


Thank you for sharing your recipes! I’ve added some details from the ropenaq recipe to entice folks :wink:

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Quoted from the recipe: " The OpenAQ platform gathers and shares open air quality data from around the world. 162 automatic monitoring stations are listed on OpenAQ for the UK with hourly NO2 readings available over the last 90 days. Many of the stations also record levels of coarse and fine particulate matter (PM10 and PM2.5). This recipe will retrieve hourly mean NO2 concentrations from the Manchester Piccadilly monitoring station and plot the results."




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air quality

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Use case from @traffordDataLab
ropenaq package author Maëlle Salmon

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