presubmission inquiry - rslurm package

I recently took over maintenance of the rslurm package (also see github repo here). The package allows users to write code that is executed in parallel on a Slurm cluster using mapply and lapply-like statements. Shell scripts are created and submitted behind the scenes so the user’s workflow can be completely contained in a single R script. It is essentially a wrapper for both the Slurm software and the parallel package.

The package was originally written for people at our research center to use. The original devs submitted it to CRAN a couple of years ago and it picked up a fair number of users there. It languished for a while without being updated but I recently cleared out the queue of outstanding issues and added a couple of new functions to the package.

Since our package was first released there is also another alternative that has been released, slurmR. I believe their functionality is largely overlapping and our package is at least as good as the other one.

I know that the user guide for ropensci suggests submitting here first before CRAN but obviously it’s already been on CRAN for a while and we think it would be appropriate for ropensci too. Before formally opening an issue I wanted to check and see if this package is a good candidate.

Thanks in advance for your input!

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:wave: @qdread ! For pre-submission inquiries we recommend opening an issue using the pre-submission template :slightly_smiling_face:

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OK thanks Maëlle! I will fill one out.

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