Community Call - Maintaining an R Package

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Author: Steffi LaZerte

For this Community Call, we’re trying something different. We’ll start with a short talk by Julia Silge, then spend most of the time on Q & A with four panelists - Elin Waring, Erin Grand, Leonardo Collado-Torres, and Scott Chamberlain - moderated by Julia. Our panelists bring a wide range of perspectives so there’s something for everyone.

Collectively, they have experience developing and maintaining passion-project packages, very popular packages, too many packages on CRAN, packages on Bioconductor, and taking over maintenance (and changing things!) of a package developed by someone else.

Read the announcement post: rOpenSci | Community Call - Maintaining an R Package

Join the ongoing discussion on GitHub: Maintaining a package · Issue #5 · ropensci-org/community-calls · GitHub

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