Postdoc teaching & learning fellow positions in Data Science at UBC (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Hi ROpenSci folks!

I am hiring two postdoctoral fellows in Data Science education. One position is to teach in the UBC Master of Data Science graduate program [1], another is to help develop undergrad courses UBC for a newly proposed Data Science minor. At UBC (located in Vancouver, BC, Canada), we are building a passionate & excellent Data Science educator team. To learn more about us, read our vision statement [2]. ROpenSci has had significant influence on how we teach Data Science in our program, for example we use the ROpenSci guidebook to teach software package review in our collaborative software development course (see this blog post to learn more), and Jenny Bryan, a member of the ROpenSci leadership team was a founder of the UBC Master of Data Science graduate program. We hope that if you are considering a postdoc in Data Science with a focus on teaching you might consider joining us!

Job posting: Postdoctoral Teaching and Learning Fellow – UBC Master of Data Science program and Department of Statistics | UBC Department of Statistics


[1] About UBC MDS
[2] UBC MDS Vision

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