New package: fulltext

We’re happy to finally release the first version to CRAN of fulltext

fulltext is a package to help you do text mining in R. We’re trying to cover all steps of the text-mining process, from searching for articles, to fetching full text, to converting to any format you need, to pulling out the sections of text you need. fulltext currently does:

  • Search - search for articles
  • Retrieve - get full text
  • Convert - convert from format X to Y
  • Text - if needed, get text from pdfs/etc.
  • Extract - pull out the bits of articles that you want

In future versions, we plan to also help users analyze and visualize literature data.

We’d love it if you could try this package, and get back to us with any bug reports, use cases, etc.

on CRAN: CRAN - Package fulltext (binaries are now available)
on GitHub:

Also, big ups for folks maintaining packages that fulltext uses:

  • aRxiv - Karl Broman
  • rentrez - David Winter
  • httr, xml2 - Hadley
  • magrittr - Stefan Milton Bache
  • jsonlite - Jeroen Ooms

Just put up a blog post with some overlapping content from the tutorial, but with additional bits