Mapping the 2018 East Africa floods from space with smapr

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Author: Max Joseph

“Hundreds of thousands of people in east Africa have been displaced and hundreds have died as a result of torrential rains which ended a drought but saturated soils and engorged rivers, resulting in extreme flooding in 2018. This post will explore these events using the R package smapr , which provides access to global satellite-derived soil moisture data collected by the NASA Soil Moisture Active-Passive (SMAP) mission and abstracts away some of the complexity associated with finding, acquiring, and working with the HDF5 files that contain the observations”

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I was very happy that you created such an interesting plot and using an R. I far as I know the horn of Africa is under the stress of recurrent weather plagues. Drought and flood are coming by turn and put people in a marginal lifestyle provided that the livelihood vulnerable for the event. I also working on seasonal weather forecast using the WRF model over the region. I am interested to have access for the data that you have used for the same period and package. For the verification of our model outputs, I am using R version 3.4.4 (released 2018-03-15). I couldn’t access the package “patchwork”, would you recommend me anyways to have access for that. Thank you again for your efforts. I am working from March to Septemeber.

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Hello @Ware. Thanks for posting your question here.
I see that the patchwork package is not on CRAN, but is available here:

Hope that helps



Thank you for the kind support and I kindly may come to you again meanwhile if I will face any challenges
so far.

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