lawn - hex grid to centroid to circles

A lawn user asked the other day about a workflow with lawn going from hex grid to calculate a centroid for each, then buffer each centroid to circles.

You’ll want to install the dev version as there’s a fix to lawn_circle we’ll need


Load the library


Define an area

bbox <- c(-118.521, 33.715, -118.145, 34.179)

Make a hex grid

hex_grid <- lawn_hex_grid(extent = bbox, cellWidth = 10, units = 'miles')


hex_grid %>% view()

Convert each hexagon in the hex grid to a GeoJSON feature
then calculate centroid on that hexagaon

centroids <- as_feature(hex_grid) %>% purrr::map(lawn_centroid) 

Buffer each point a radius of 5 miles each

res <- centroids %>% purrr::map(lawn_circle, radius = 5)


res %>% view

comes from