Inclusion of economics packages?

I recently made a contribution to rnoaa and it got me thinking that I would like to contribute some of the econometrics code I’ve written to Ropensci packages, but it seems like the focus is on the “harder” sciences. I guess I have two questions that I’d love to get your thoughts on:

  1. Would folks at ropensci be interested in also including some economics packages?

  2. Is there a better forum, some kind group analogous to ropensci for the social sciences? Best I’ve found so far is this open economics group, which is more open data focused than code.

I know that there exist a fairly wide variety of R packages for economics work, though some of it still lags behind Stata functionality, but a R community centered around open economics seems like it could be a really great thing to have.

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@potterzot: While I can’t speak for ropensci's scope in general, you might be interested in ropengov which is pretty much exactly what you describe: a community analogous to ropensci for the social sciences and digital humanities. Take a look at rOpenGov website and Github organization.

Thanks for your message @potterzot

Partly true. We have generally focused on life sciences. However, we are starting to get more pkgs in other fields. E.g., Lincoln has contributed a number of pkgs for use in history (gender, historydata, USAboundaries), - economics-y pkg RCryptsy contributed by @kylehamilton (a psychology reseacher) - And we have many pkgs for literature/scholarly metadata that falls in the not very hard science of bibliometrics (while text mining I guess isn’t really a field in itself, but more of a tool used by many fields)

@jlehtoma thx for chiming in. I maintain a few pkgs with ropengov :smile:

@potterzot it’s really up to you. if you want to submit with us, we have a sorta formal process now, submitting to a github repo

Thanks @sckott and @jlehtoma for your responses. I didn’t know about
ropengov so I’ll look into that as well. There are some good econometrics
and finance cran views that are very informative, but the community aspect
of ropensci is really great. Much appreciated!

Great, come back with more questions if you have any