how is "health" handled within ROpenSci?

Would someone be kind enough to explain the division between ROpenSci and ROpenHealth? Everything I see is about ROpenSci and I gather that health-related things are excluded. Or is it just a subgroup? I have looked all over the website several times over the last year, and all I see when I look really hard is that there is a “sister” group with no links or resources. Given that “health” is not a small part of “science”, perhaps it would be useful to have something more transparent on the web page? My apologies if I missed something. (I do see that David Springate and Erin Ledell are leading ROpenHealth.)

Thanks in advance, and for all the great work.

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Hi there, I don’t think either of them are in this forum, or I would ping them for their input.

Which website are you referring to? or this forum? We could include some clarification on possibly.

The distinction is somewhat fuzzy. If someone really wanted to get a pkg in ropensci and it was health related, we’d probably allow it, but if they wanted it in ropenhealth, that’s cool as well. Same for rOpenGov - rOpenGov is a little more established, with more people and more projects.

Thanks – it is nice to know about the flexibility. I was referring to I didn’t know about rOpenGov.

I am part of the rOpenHealth group. The main difference between rOpenHealth and rOpenSci is that they are funded through different sources and rOpenHealth features health related datasets. rOpenHealth is not a sugroup of rOpenSci; they are distinct groups, but I think of them as sister organizations. David Springate started the group with the intention of making a home exclusively for health data packages, likely because health is such a big domain on it’s own. We’d love it if more health data packages were contributed!

I agree, it might be useful to include a link to both rOpenHealth and rOpenGov on the related links page on

Thanks @ledell - sorry I missed that you are in fact in this forum :frowning:

Yeah, we should do that, will add to our to do list