How to test on r-devel locally docker image?

There must be an easy tutorial but I can’t find it. I have a package that fails some tests on r-devel, I have a mac and I want to reproduce it, I can run a docker image using podman, but is there a way to reproduce the github actions ? specifically r-lib/actions/check-r-package@v2

Are the test failing in macOS or in a different system and hence the use of docker?
Here are a couple of manuals if you have a macOS and the problem is with macOS:
macOS r-devel

I’m working in writing how to install R-devel in different OS and my only remaining OS is macOS. Please let me know how it goes

I am not sure I understand exactly what you want to do. If you just want to do what check-r-package does locally you can just run devtools::check or more closely aligned to the action (see here) rcmdcheck::rcmdcheck with the same args you use with the action.

If you want to do this on R-devel you can use rig to easily install the development version on R and then run the check locally (after installing dependencies)

If you want to test on one of the rhub images (e.g. fedora-gcc-devel) see here for a description on how to run R CMD check in on of their images.

For completeness sake: it is possible to run (some) githu bactions locally using this project: GitHub - nektos/act: Run your GitHub Actions locally 🚀 but I am sure this is not what you actually want as it is more geared towards actions developers.

Thanks @assignUser and @llrs for your answers!
I realize I’m not giving enough context.
So the errors happen on the github actions in R-devel, that runs on a ubuntu image.

So I tried to install r-devel (for mac) on my macbook ,but I can’t get it to work because ragg (necessary for devtools) can’t find the right binaries (even though they are installed).

So to sidestep that issue I wanted to reproduce the github actions and use the docker image that is used in the github actions.

You’re right @assignUser I don’t want to run the github action specifically (though that is an excellent resource, thank you!)

What I want to do is reproduce the check steps in a docker image.

  • install the package
  • run r cmd check.

If you want to reproduce an error for CRAN I would recommend the r-hub service. But it is not an interactive session (presumably what you want).

However, ragg is not a direct dependency of devtools not it is necessary to install devtools to have r-devel working. Maybe you don’t need to install devtools or ragg and you can continue with your r-devel installation or use a slim docker image.

You can also use the rhub package for local debugging (not interactive but still useful to see if you fixed the error etc.) Local Linux checks with Docker • rhub