Feature Request: Add test output to postcheck

Continuing the discussion from Debugging test errors in R universe vs local Actions?:

The current postcheck action only outputs the results of the installation (post-check/action.yml at 7b52a103e77136b38fe9c421c1e5701e1d3a6e32 · r-universe-org/post-check · GitHub), but it would be good to output the results of the tests as well because R CMD check only outputs the last 13 lines, which is lesso than helpful if you have more than 13 lines of failures.

Can this be implemented? This would really help me debug check failures that happen only on the R-universe

Yes, can you open an issue with the feature request here? Issues · r-universe-org/bugs · GitHub

Or you can send a pull request if you specifically know what how to do this.

Perhaps similar as travis-build/r.rb at 5f10098154313ca99ed72dbf75c7bdf670708f2b · travis-ci/travis-build · GitHub

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