Gistr v0.2 is on CRAN

gistr v0.2 is on CRAN

On the main mirror as of now (no binaries yet)

Release notes:

This version has a bunch of fixes and new features. Some highlights:


  • gistr_create() can now optionally include source file if knit=TRUE using the new
    parameter include_source (#19)
  • new function gist_create_obj() to create a gist directly from a R object, like
    numeric, list, character, data.frame, matrix (#36) (#44)
  • new function gist_map() to open a full page map in your default browser of a gist
    after gist creation (#23)
  • new function tabl() (weird function name to avoid the table function in base R).
    This function goal is to make it easier to play with gist data. Data given back from the
    GitHub API is great, but is in nested list format (after conversion from JSON) - so
    is rather hard to manipulate. tabl() makes a data.frame from output of gist(),
    gists(), as.gist(), and commits() (#25)


  • Added ability in gist_create() to optionally include the source file passed into
    the function call when knit=TRUE (#19)
  • Added ability to inject imgur hooks into a knitted document so that images can be rendered in a gist automatically. The GitHub HTTP API doesn’t allow binary uploads
    (e.g., images), so the parameter imgur_inject uploads your images to imgur
    and embeds links to the images in your document. (#33)
  • Improved information on truncation. If you request a gist that is larger than 1MB,
    the returned object says it’s truncated. You can download the whole thing using
    the raw_url, or for larger than 10 MB to the git_pull_url. (#26)