Generating citation cff from bibtex


So I’m working on a project where the citation of the software in question, is actually an already published research paper, not the software it self. Maybe a bit odd, but that is what it is right now.

I have a bibtex citation file I want to convert into cff. I find tools for cff generation and turning cff into bibtex, but not the other way around. There are a lot of co-authors on this paper, so I’d like to avoid writing the cff by hand.

I could sit down and write the code, but I’m hoping someone maybe has a suggestion?


Hi, there is a list of tools that we know of that work with the Citation File Format at citation-file-format/ at main · citation-file-format/citation-file-format · GitHub.

For R, rOpenSci’s cffr (CRAN - Package cffr, GitHub - ropensci/cffr: Generate Citation File Format (cff) Metadata for R Packages) can generate CFF from R metadata. handlr (GitHub - ropensci/handlr: convert among citation formats) should be able to do the same, and can read BibTeX and write CFF.

Tools in other languages that can do BibTeX to CFF conversion: bibtex-to-cff (GitHub - monperrus/bibtexbrowser: Beautiful publication lists with bibtex and PHP (standalone or in Wordpress), PHP), Bibliography.jl (as of,

As for where to represent that information, CFF has a preferred-citation field where metadata should go that pertain to a text publication rather than the software itself. It is also good practice to always try to get the software metadata at the “root” of the CFF files as complete as possible.

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:.


Thank you for a thorough reply! I had found cffr, but it didnt so what I was after. handlr was the missing link I was looking for! :blush:

I now have a beautifully formatted cff !

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