How do you convert bibtex files to tibbles/data.frames? bib2df's maintenance future

We’re wondering whether {bib2df} should be further maintained as the current maintainer no longer has time.

If you’re a bib2df user, or a bibtex file consumer more generally, is bib2f useful to you or could it be replaced by other existing tools?

If it’s useful to you, would you be up for maintaining it?

A related package: GitHub - ropensci/handlr: convert among citation formats

My comment may not be a direct answer to this issue but perhaps of consideration in further development. I came out with an own package called biblio (translated from the Greek as “book”, unfortunately its plural is “biblia”, which is also the Spanish word for Bible… but this is a different story :thinking:).

I wrote the package with following aims:

  • A quick and dirty approach to read and write bib-files (for big databases it is faster than bib2df).
  • Ensure compatibility with the software JabRef, which I use as reference manager
  • Retrieve citations from Rmarkdown documents, which I use to produce subsets of my database with only cited references.
  • Sync with a database stored in Postgres, which is done by the package biblioDB

I was thinking to do a review on further R packages suitable for managing references in R (perhaps a potential publication? :wink:) and I realized that none of them where providing functions to convert own objects into the class bibentry from package utils, which should be considered as secure way for intercompatibility…

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I’m big fan of {bib2df} and use it in several projects, as a really simple way to import a bibliography and work with it.

Unfortunately I cannot sign up to maintain it at the moment. But would love it to stay if possible…


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