Fulltext multiple article fetch issues

Hi, I’ve installed the Fulltext package and used it with dois to extract full text articles from the web. However, I’m unclear how to extract these articles into files, or a dataframe.

I have used this code to extract the articles based on the dois:

res ← vector(“logical”, 1)
for (i in seq_along(data)) {
res[[i]]<- ft_get(x = data[i], from = NULL, progress = TRUE)

When I run this:

res[[i]] %>% ft_collect() %>% ft_text()

where ‘i’ is the selected doi, I get the full article in the terminal. However, I would like to get all the articles in either a folder or a dataframe, displayed as they are in the terminal, with their dois, and other metadata.

Every time I run


I get a path error, and a complain about lists. I would love to save multiple articles.

What is the command in fulltext to extract all the fetched articles into a data.frame or files?


work for this? All the articles are not in PDF format.

Apologies if this is basic and I’m missing out something. I am not very used to R and this is my first time using this package. Thank you.

I just wanted to add that I’ve solved this and figured out how to use ft_table for it.