Ecological specificity measures (ESM)

I am PhD student in China.
I am planning to use ESM (Ecological specificity measures), but so far no any idea.
could some one help me to generate R codes to meausre specificity in ESM?
I am new to R.
cv Variation coefficient
dmat Discretisation of an interaction matrix
ESM Ecological specificity measures - main page
getspe Specificity
last Last element of a vector MAtrix as used by host range
nullweb Null model of binary interactions
scale Scaling of a vector
sortmat.byspe Draw the interaction network
std.matrix Read an interaction matrix
I have used bipartite package to plot the bipartite package.
Still I am wondering how to detect specialist and generalist in network?
Looking forward to hear!!
Best Regards,

Hi @Abdul - Thanks for your question! This forum is not designed for general R questions but rather about software that we and our community make, use of it, discussion about ropensci community affairs, etc.

Do checkout the r tag at - Make sure to ask questions with reproducible examples.