An unified interface to convert numeral bases in R

I once struggled to convert quite big hexa value to decimal, and it seemed that there wasn’t a clear way to do such job in R. If you are not familiar with this issue, then try to convert hexa value ‘F3FFF7AB13’ to decimal or to convert binary value ‘10101110111’ to hexa.

I wanted this simple problem to be done in simple way, so I made the package bcR with the unified interface to convert numeral bases. (For now, convertible bases are limited for ‘2’, ‘10’, ‘16’. This is extensible)

Following lines will return the answers for the previous problems.

convertBase('F3FFF7AB13', '16', '10')
convertBase('10101110111', '2', '10')

I hope it would be helpful, and any feedbacks are welcome.
Thanks @sckott for introducing me this great forum to disscuss :slight_smile:

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thanks for the post @dykim

I’m not familiar with these too much. What are the main use cases?