A Twitter bot with rtweet, Mapbox and GitHub Actions

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I set up a GitHub Action that includes R code that generates random coordinates in greater London, queries the Mapbox API for a satellite image and uses the Twitter API via {rtweet} to post the image to the @londonmapbot Twitter account.

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More images at the @londonmapbot account.



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geography, geospatial, communications, social studies, sociology

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I can add something here because I did some very similar to Matt’s case study.

I wanted to set something up to do some regular tweeting to promote content for my business, R for the Rest of Us. I use rtweet in a very similar way to Matt. The one piece I do in addition is to query a Google Sheet, from which I draw tweets and then post them. I did this using googlesheets4.

You can see the code I used here and the GH Action here.