windows proxy settings

I’ve got a github issue where httr calls are being blocked by a windows proxy. The curl issue for Proxy settings in windows has been closed for > 2 years because everything seems to be ironed out there. The person who asked the question has posted a potential solution, through allowing functions that use httr calls to accept an additional curl::new_handle() arg with appropriate proxy settings. My general question is: To what extent is it my responsibility, as a package developer, to modify my code to overcome proxy issues like this? Has any else had to to go to these extents? Is there an easier solution that I’m missing here?

All good, solution now described on issue:

Sys.setenv(http_proxy = "user:pwd@proxy:port")
Sys.setenv(https_proxy = "user:pwd@proxy:port")

as described in the curl master issue.

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I think local proxy settings are the responsibility of the user. There is not much the pkg author can do because it completely depends on how their local network is configured.

Users can use curl::ie_proxy_info() for debugging and the enironment variables you quoted above to configure curl to use proxy servers.

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