Using rtweet to obtain quotes, mentions and replies of data pulled from full archive search (v2)

Hello all

I’ve been collecting data using the ‘academictwitteR’ package and have collected tweets spanning the duration of the past year. I would now like to collect information from the tweets in that original collection - specifically, the replies, quotes and mentions of those original tweets.

I have used the Twitter API for Academic Research enabling full access to the twitter archive and access to v2.

I am having significant issues using academictwitteR to get this information and wondered if there was any way of using rtweet to collect this extra data?

I’m not particularly experienced in this and would be really grateful for any guidance.

Many thanks in advance!

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Hi Claire,

I’ve been working in rtweet for some time but at the moment it doesn’t use API v2 yet.

However, if you use rtweet (devel) you can access the v1 fullarchive sandbox and download 20000 tweets at once (but just that amount in a month). I think this is the closest it gets at the moment.

But without the v2 and academic research archive you can query all tweets (although probably with delays and time out of the API). You could use lookup_tweets(c("id1", "id2",....)) and know how many replies, quotes, likes and retweets had. It will also tell you if it is a quoted tweet, or is in reply to another tweet & user. Unfortunately it is not possible to know which tweets reply to a given tweet in API v1. This is one of the reasons of the new API for which there is an specific endpoint.

After a release I hope to do this month, which prepares the package for v2 API, I will work towards adding support for the different v2 endpoints. Probably I will start working on the academic endpoints, the streaming endpoints of the v2 and the new endpoints like the conversation-id (but I still need to look up which is easier/more important to implement first).

I hope this helps!

Having said that if you are having issues with academictwitteR probably they can help you better. I’m not familiar with their output and I cannot offer more help.


Thanks so much for this really useful reply.

I’ll check out the v1 fullarchive as you suggest.

Thanks again for your speedy response!

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