Using pdftools, tabulizer, and writexl to simplify business information handling workflow

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Providing a script for a workflow to liberate the contents of PDFs

Packages used

Packages used are, from ropensci, pdftools, tabulizer, writexl, and also officer

Code Snippet

They have a script which, when they hit the source button, opens a select file dialog box and they pick the pdf, then it saves a word document with the full text, and an excel file of one sheet per table, in the same directory. they also have the option of coming on some R courses I regularly run if they want to start working with the information inside of R.

library(tabulizer) #needs JDK installed

target <- file.choose()
target_no_suffix <- gsub("\\.pdf$","", target, = TRUE)
PDFtext <- pdf_text(target) #pdf_tools
#a character array for each page, want paragraphs for officer
PDFparas <- unlist(strsplit(PDFtext, "\n"))
PDFextracted <-  extract_tables(target) #tabulizer
# 1 character matrix per table, want dataframes for writexl
PDFtables <- lapply(extracted,, stringsAsFactors=FALSE)
write_xlsx(PDFtables, paste0(target_no_suffix, "_excel.xlsx"), col_names=FALSE) #writexl
#officer word making code
my_doc <- read_docx()
for (scannedpage in PDFparas){
  my_doc <- body_add_par(my_doc, scannedpage)
print(my_doc, target = paste0(target_no_suffix,"_word.docx"))



Field(s) of application

workflows, compliance, document handling

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What did you do?

The finance people where I work told me they have a workflow bottleneck with receiving statements as pdfs and being unable to free up the information in them to make checking easier as Acrobat’s save as Excel can’t really cope with the kind they are receiving and, at a bare minimum, being able to sort the information on the statements into a convenient order would save them at hundreds of hours a year (at the moment they are printing them out and then cross checking and ticking off the paper copy).

This is an example of introducing R to a previously unused area, not as a replacement for Excel, but to solve a specific workflow bottleneck. R is being their helpful friend within their present needs.


Thanks for sharing this @thoughtfulnz

How often do you run into pdfs that cause errors/problems?

In this particular case no significant number- pretty much everything comes through the same fax received as PDF and OCRed pathway, and because spots in the fax can be interpreted as decimal points, the output is not automatically trusted, it is for freeing up the data to make manual checking easier. If the on-page arrangement is a bit much for tabulizer, then the pdftools text extraction is a fall-back, and they still have the original PDF.

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That’s good to hear that there’s no big failures - sounds like a really nice solution

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